The rear-view mirror car camera

A dual camera is the perfect solution for drivers who want to capture all action on the road. It is not always possible to react to unexpected situations in time. With the LAMAX C5 Dual camera you can capture evidence for your insurance company to prove an incident was not your fault.

The LAMAX C5 Dual camera attaches to the rear-view mirror using the brackets supplied. It looks like a classic rear view mirror, so you don't have to worry that it will be a temptation to criminals as is often the case with classic dash cams. It functions as a rear-view mirror and can also monitor events behind the car. You will be surprised by its wide range of extensive options.

Lamax C5 Dual
Lamax C5 Dual
Lamax C5 Dual
Lamax C5 Dual
Lamax C5 Dual

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High-quality images in FULL HD

The front camera monitors the area in front of your car at an interpolated FULL HD resolution of 1080p and wide angle of view 140°. Your eyes behind are provided by a rear-view camera which offers you a broad range of high-quality HD video. This provides you with continuous monitoring of the road in front of, and behind your car.

Large display and rear-view mirror in one

The 4.3 inch LCD display provides you with an overview of what is happening on the road ahead, or behind in high resolution. This reduces the risk of causing an accident down to the absolute minimum. The LCD display is located on the right side of the rear-view mirror and so does not obstruct the driver's view. The menu is in multiple languages, and is simple and intuitive to use. The LAMAX DRIVE C5 Dual camera attaches to the rear-view mirror using the brackets supplied.

Reverse comfortably using the rear-view camera

Reversing is undoubtedly a challenging driving skill. Each person has different spacial perception, which may be slightly distorted. Just a tiny error can lead to scratch on your paintwork or worse. Say goodbye to this problem. Simply switch on the view from the rear camera so driving backwards becomes easier.

Parking mode

Parking mode will become your invaluable assistant. Once you leave your parked car you no longer have to worry that someone else may hit your car off the record. If there is a collision the camera automatically turns on and begins recording.

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Loop recording

Loop recording is used for continuous cyclic recording. Once the memory is full the oldest video recordings will be overwritten with new footage. If you want to keep any of these files then simply lock them using the lock video/photo function. This will protect them from being erased.


The G-Sensor plays an important role. It enables the camera to recognise that an accident has occurred and lock the recording against being overwritten whilst loop recording.

Motion detection

The worst case scenario is when the driver returns to find his parked car has been damaged and, of course, the culprit has vanished. How can this be prevented? The LAMAX DRIVE C5 Dual camera uses motion detection to record such an event in your absence. Once it detects motion around your car it automatically begins recording. The number plate of the offending car can be easily passed onto the police.

Video Lock

Some recordings are important to us. You can easily avoid them being deleted whilst loop recording. By pressing the lock button, the file will be archived and protected against deletion. If later you want to delete it, you just have to unlock and manually delete it.

High-quality night mode

The LAMAX DRIVE C5 Dual car camera has been developed to record events on the road at a high quality and under all conditions. Therefore the lens used has a wide aperture. This means that even in twilight or at night it takes superb quality shots.

Power off button

The power cable into the car cigarette lighter plug features an off button. All you need to do is press it and charging via the lighter socket stops. It is convenient to use and install.

Quick off LCD display

At the push of a button you can turn the LCD display on or off. Auto shutdown or sleep mode can be set to occur after the desired amount of time.

Infrared rear-view camera light

For high-quality images, even under low light conditions, the rear view camera uses an infrared light. Therefore no evidence is lost.

LAMAX C5 DUAL parameters

Image sensor 130W
Resolution Front camera: 1920×1080, rear camera: 1280×720
Camera viewing angle 140 degrees
Video resolution FHD 1920×1080, HD 1280×720, VGA 640×480
Video format MOV/H.264
Picture format JPEG
Storage temperature -30°C — 70°C
Operating temperature 0°C — 50°C
Operating humidity 16 — 65% RH
Memory capacity Micro SDHC up to 32 GB
System requirements Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1

Accessories included with the
LAMAX C5 DUAL camera

  • Front camera
  • Rear camera
  • Manual
  • Car charger with switch
  • USB cable (for data and power) for connection to a computer
  • Cable for connecting the front camera and rear camera